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How do I find best California dog bite lawyers? The personal injury lawyers of Valley Injury Attorneys have recovered compensation from victims from all over Fresno. Our lawyers represent adults, children, mail workers and utility workers. We'll assist with your injuries after an attack from a dog. Our clients receive high-quality dog bite compensation in California. Call Valley Injury Attorneys today if you have any questions regarding your dog bite lawsuit.

Common Causes of dog bites

The dogs can bite anyone at various times. Even the smallest pet can snap suddenly when it shows no threatening behavior. Sometimes dogs bite due to a negative environment, like the threat they face. Some dogs bite for safety. In California pet owners are responsible for protecting their pet from unforeseen dog attacks through adequate supervision during the whole process. Here are some of the most common causes of dog bites.

  • Fear of injury

  • Sickness or injury

  • Territorial conduct

  • Aggresion

  • Hunger

  • The behavior of the prey

All of these factors can contribute to dog bites. These cover a wide array of potential risk factors, therefore dog owners should keep their dogs leashed at all times in public.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

The following are the most common dog bite injuries:

The following are the most common dog bite injuries:

  • Muscle damage

  • Infections

  • Lacerations and cuts

  • Blood loss

  • Disfigurement

  • Bruising

  • Face Injuries

  • Leg Injuries

  • Puncture wound

  • Damages to the nerves, tendons, tissues

Whether your injury from your dog bite is minor or severe, you should seek compensation for your damages with the help of Valley Injury Attorneys, your Fresno dog bite lawyers.

Negligence claims in dog bite cases

A person injured by dogs that have no bites may also be deemed negligent. The dog bite victims must prove that the owners failed to take reasonable care of their animals and that this negligence caused injury to the dog. The dog might jump and scratch the child's face. A dog can hit someone who is older or who has a broken limb or traumatic brain injury. The victim has to show that the dog owners did not adequately restrain the dog and that this lack of restraint caused the injuries. Continue.

Who is liable for dog bites?

The dog's owners are generally liable if it causes injury or property loss or death. In such situations however someone who controlled or kept the dog could also take the case. California defines the term dog owner as anyone that keeps or holds an animal. Those who are not owners can be held accountable by the dog if they are injured in their actions at the time. If there are children with dogs in their homes they will be vicariously held responsible. If you have bitten by a dog or think you might be involved in a dog bite case please reach out to our Fresno dog bite lawyers.

Compensation/Damages Available for a dog bite

If you have suffered a severe dog bite injury or a loved one such as a child has been bitten by a dog, our dog bite lawyers can work with you to see what you receive is just and fair financial com. Under California law, victims of dog bites are entitled in most instances to recover damages for:

  • Surgical Treatment

  • Medical Expenses (current and future)

  • Lost Wages (current and future)

  • Permanent disability or disfigurement

  • Pain and Suffering

  • Loss of Consortium

  • Punitive Damages

Though every dog bite case is unique, the dog bite lawyers at our Fresno law firm will work diligently to maximize your recovery. In the tragic event of a loved one's death, we can help you file a wrongful death claim and recover expenses.

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What Should You Do Right After Your Fresno Dog Bite Attack

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Seek Medical Attention

Get immediate medical attention immediately if you require medical assistance. In any personal injury case you must prove that you were injured. Having medical records is a great way to begin the process of your dog bite claim.

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Alert the Authorities

Capture a police animal control report as soon as possible from the authorities to make sure the account of the bite is accurate. Accurate reports, accounts and testimony strengthen your case and increase your chance of getting a fair settlement

Gathering evidence and documentation

Even when your dog bite lawyers are likely to begin investigating the attack you should also gather evidence. Get the information of the dog owner additional note the time of the event, date and place of the incident as well as try getting statements from any other witness. Be sure to properly document your injuries with photos to be sure you are fairly compensation for the damages and pain and suffering that likely ensued after the bite injury.

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Contacting A Dog Bite Lawyer

When a victim is injured it is difficult to seek legal help alone. However, although a dog bite claim can be filed by you alone, you are most likely able to contact an experienced Dog Bite Lawyer. In addition to providing legal counsel, the use of a lawyer can be beneficial in dog bite cases. An attorney can negotiate a reasonable settlement amount on your behalf, using his/her expertise and negotiation skills. Often dog attacks are represented by an attorney.

Our Dog Bite Attorneys Work on your Behalf

California leads the nation in dog attacks

California ranks as the most dangerous state on a scale in dog attack fatalities. The U.S. Postal Service has rated Los Angeles among those cities with the most attack on post workers as the highest. The study examined alleged dog bites and charges in the years 2005 and 2017 which found California dominated the market in terms of the number of dog bite lawsuits (527) and payouts in those kinds of claims.

Strict Liability Statute in California for Dog Bites

California has a law that restricts dogs from being hurt. This means owners of dogs should take responsibility for actions by their pets even when these pets show little or no aggression in their lives. The most common exception is if the dog attacked someone who abused them. California does not have strict liability for dog bite laws unless otherwise specified. In most cases, owners of dogs will face additional financial liability besides citations and a variety of penalties related to an attack.

California Dog Bite Law: Civil Code 3342

The owners of stray dogs can be responsible if their victim has been attacked. Dog bites may occur at the home or in a private place. Dog Owner owes such damages whether or not their dog had never displayed such viciousness before. This applies to people on the legal properties of dogs. Among the employees who work on the property are postal workers and others invited to the property by the owner, including visitors and business associates. The statute has several exceptions.

Dog Attacks and Homeowner's Insurance

Most insurance companies offer dog protection. This insurance policy generally offers coverage for liability from $100 to $300,000. In the case of an unoccupied dog, the owner may try and sue the property owner to get convicted of the felony. Recent developments have revealed the insurance company has not covered the bites by dogs including Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. The company has reportedly raised a record number of bites of pit bulls as well as the cost of settlement in recent years.

Free Dog Bite Case Evaluation and Consultation

Our goal is to help you. We offer a free case assessment to dog bite victims who want to discuss their case with our dog bite attorneys. Nearly 1 in 5 dog bite victims requires medical attention. If you are one of them, you deserve compensation for your medical bills, missed work, and other damages. Our dog bite attorneys can help you explore your legal options in a free consultation.

Valley Injury Attorney has the resources, knowledge, and experience necessary to pursue full compensation in your dog bite lawsuit. Our relentless legal professionals work hard around the clock to ensure every one of our clients receives the top-quality legal representation they need and deserve. We are here to take on the work of filing a claim, so you can focus on other important matters like your health and family. When you work with our skilled personal injury lawyers, you can rest assured your case is in good hands. Call your Fresno dog bite attorneys.



Can I Sue for a Dog Attack?

You may sue if you have suffered an attack from a dog in California. A professional dog bite lawyer is able to assess your situation and help identify the appropriate actions to take against the dog owner. If the person lives legally in the property, it means he or she has been invited into the premises as a guest of that property. This includes a courier, deliverer, dealer, entrepreneur or anyone who performs services or repairs to an apartment. Trespassers' personal possessions can be sued.

How much is the average dog bite settlement?

In fact there is no “normal” bite settlement for dogs. The compensation is based in part on the value the dog's injuries were and the amount of the damages received. The Buckfire Law Firm also has other notable case settlement agreements with dogs. We will assess each factor and give the right settlement.

Does California have a one bite law?

Is California an exception? California law is not applicable to all dog bites. Instead, the law requires that a dog owner's dog to pay the full cost of the dog's injuries.

Civil and criminal liability for dog bites

The dog owner must file an appeal in the quickest possible way against the owner. The maximum legal limit is two years. So you must file your own lawsuit two years before a dog bite. Dog owners can also be held liable by law for civil liability. Those owners of dangerous animals can face charges of misdemeanor and/or felony. The dog is injured but it will become a crime if it dies.

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