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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Fresno

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer near me

Let the Fresno motorcycle accident lawyers at Valley Injury Attorneys help you claim financial compensation if you’re the victim of an accident. Most drivers do not keep a proper lookout for motorcyclists, making motorcyclists some of the most vulnerable drivers on the road. If you are a motorcyclist, you need a personal injury lawyer on your side who understands your situation and who has legal experience protecting the rights of motorcyclists across California.

Do motorcyclists need insurance in California?

California is an accident state that causes fault, and the person causing wrongful death is required to compensate his victims in the event of an accident. Similar to car drivers, motorcyclists need liability insurance to protect their responsibilities. Minimum insurance limits for motorcyclists are outlined. Alternatively, you have the option to purchase additional coverage for an alleged accident. You can also obtain optional insurance options that cover your own losses in a crash if the accident occurs.

Motorcycles are smaller and lighter than cars

This is a major reason why motorcycle accident victims often suffer: the average car weighs almost twice that of motorcycle drivers. This is not even beginning to factor in how many trucks or motorbikes there are. How much a semi can safely hold and can withstand the maximum load? It can be very harmful for motorcyclist passengers. People who ride motorcycles at a crash risk greater danger than people on a vehicle or truck. Motorcycles can cause serious injuries and death to motorcycle drivers in some cases.

How dangerous are motorcycle accidents?

The United States reported 61 motorcycle crashes involving more than 900 vehicles causing nearly 170,000 deaths and Almost 200,000 motorcycle crashes occurred. Comparing to automobile crashes, the differences are staggering. 477 people died on the road in a crash with a mortality rate of.89 per 100,000 vehicles - which means that an average motorcycle rider can die in an automobile accident. The number of motorcycle deaths in California fell by 155.78% compared to 2017 to 488 deaths in 2018.

Are motorcycle accidents considered wrongful deaths in California?

A wrongful death occurs when a person has committed an unnatural or negligent act or action which results in death or injuries. Certain motorcycle accidents have the potential of causing wrongful death claims if other drivers are negligent. California law provides for a death in an automobile collision as an unlawful death. The first step is to show that the other driver responsible for accidents has a duty to care. It is important for an individual to prove that he has breached their statutory duty of protection.

Recovering Damages After a Fresno Motorcycle Accident

How much money can be awarded to motorcycle accident survivors? In reality, there is no limit to your damages if you don't recover the damages in the first place. If the cost of your debt exceeds $200,000 you may be eligible for compensation for the amount incurred. Occasionally motorcycle accidents cause disabilities in surviving victims. This is especially true for motorcycle users in accidents since they are much more susceptible to debilitating injury than those in vehicles.

Economic Damages

The easiest calculation of economic damage is the less obvious of the two options. In the case of Fresno, a person seeks compensation for the damages incurred for injuries caused by a car collision. After the Fresno motorcycle accident, many different financial consequences are likely to arise. Some don't even consider how much damage is incurred beyond medical bills or wages.

Non-economic Damages

Being injured in a Fresno motorcycle accident can mean a long hard road of recovery for the victim. It can mean being faced with debilitating pain and suffering, and sometimes even debilitating loss, depending on the circumstances of the wreck. Sustaining injuries that require lengthy hospital stays or extensive surgeries can force victims out of work for extended time periods. This often results in lost wages and bills that pile up, causing overwhelming anxiety and stress. These damages and more are all able to be compensated for in court if your accident was the result of another person’s carelessness. Non-economic damages that result from being in an accident that wasn’t your fault include but are not limited to:

  • Loss of consortium

  • T.S.D

  • Pain and Suffering

  • Loss of Life Enjoyment

  • Emotional Turmoil

Contact our law offices in Visalia, California and let our legal team of Personal Injury lawyers get the fair compensation that you deserve.

Calculation of compensatory damages

Personal Injury Lawyers of Fresno specialize in compensation for their clients and are intended to compensate the victim for the damages incurred in a collision. They have 2 categories: economic damages and non economic damages.
Because of the unique needs of motorcycle accident victims, you want an attorney who specializes in representing injured bikers. At Valley Injury Attorneys, our dedicated Fresno motorcycle accident attorney have helped clients throughout the state get back on their feet after a motorcycle crash by securing maximum compensation for injuries and other damages.

The importance of working with motorcycle accident attorneys

The cases of motorcycle accidents can become very confusing if the person has been suffering from severe injuries which are both physically and emotionally distracting. Insurance companies understand this and will aggressively try and resolve claims quickly, at the lowest possible price. Although victims are still facing the consequences of losing their work wages, their medical costs are likely to rise and a fear about their financial future could be frightening. For a free consultation regarding your accident contact us at 559-970-6370 to speak with our Fresno motorcycle accident lawyer.

Insurance companies and Fresno motorcycle accidents

Probably the insurance company will call after you've gotten into an automobile crash. It's possible the calls are still coming. Why do insurance agents work in this field? It may be necessary for you to agree to an agreement with the court. Whatever settlements they provide are tailored to meet their insurance company needs. The insurance offer you get doesn't fit your needs. Reduce your contact between insurance companies after your accident by contacting us.
Our Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer understands what our clients are going through after their catastrophic motorcycle collisions. We have fought for injured people’s rights to proper compensation from insurance companies and those responsible for their injuries. Our Fresno motorcycle accident lawyer strives to keep our clients focused on the recovery process while reducing stress, so you do not feel overwhelmed or alone. Call today!

Legal options for injured Fresno motorcyclists

A person whose vehicle was hit by a vehicle may file suit in the course of a civil suit. You may choose to recover compensation in three different ways. Some motorcycle accident claims start from insurance and get settled before trial. Often you may wish to initiate a legal action with a personal injury attorney or escalate the case to court to obtain the compensation you deserve. We offer individualized assistance in case of motorcycle crash.

A qualified Fresno motorcycle accident attorney can help

Having a motorcycle accident lawyer can assist in many aspects of navigating life after crashing into an accident in Fresno. You can rely on this service throughout all legal processes following an accident. When you want to get involved in law, it can be very helpful to know one. 

Investigation and negotiation

Your lawyer has the responsibility of conducting the investigation in your favor. They can determine how much was done in the aftermath of an accident. Ultimately, forensics is going to focus on determining whose wrongful death was caused by the crash. Your Fresno motorcycle accident attorneys will identify the culprit and write evidence to prove this fact. After that, negotiations begin. It may take your personal injury attorney some time to make a claim. Most cases settle without trial.

What to do after a motorcycle collision?

We know the moments following an accident can be overwhelming at times. It is possible that you will experience pain or confusion. It's very hard to find out how to defend your rights. If you take these measures, you are able to obtain the assistance you need and preserve evidence for your next claim.

Go to the Hospital

Please contact your health care professional immediately if you are injured. Delete all documentation of your treatment and injuries in a safe place and take it with you when you speak. If you are injured after a collision, you're always going for medical attention. Motorcycle accidents are rarely fatal, and can occur in hours and even weeks following the accident. Seeking the help of a physician can assist with the prevention and treatment of your health problems. In addition, ignoring a doctor’s advice can affect a future case. In this case, the insurer can claim a person was hurt in an accident but does not claim any compensation and refuses the claim.

Call 911

If possible, contact 911 and notify police about the crash. An officer can visit the scene of the accident and record information about witnesses and the names of those who were involved. This document will help you in pursuing your case. After the accident, contact the cops. Please note their name and badge numbers to keep them available for future reference. 911 can also be used to provide emergency medical assistance.

Document evidence at the scene

Ensure that your vehicle is in the proper condition to move safely. Conserving physical evidence like clothing or ruined goods. Please take photos of as many places as possible.

Contact an Experienced Fresno Motorcycle Accident Attorney

It is critical that one of our Fresno motorcycle accident lawyers meet with you and your family as soon as possible following your motorcycle crash. Our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys are devoted to protecting the rights of motorcyclists and getting justice & financial compensation for those wronged due to the negligence of someone else.

Why should I hire a Fresno motorcycle accident lawyer?

Our experience in motorcycle injury law has seen many heartbreaking injury cases for motorcycle crash victims. Often motorcycles are hit by trucks and are struck with serious injuries. We are committed towards obtaining every possible compensation from a variety of sources.

Our Personal Injury Practice Areas

While our personal injury law firm can litigate your case in the event of a motorcycle accident, our attorneys also handle other personal injury cases:

  • Personal Injury

  • Truck Accidents

  • Car Accidents

  • Bicycle Accidents

  • Premises Liability

  • Slip and Falls

  • Dog Bites

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Wrongful Death

Causes of Fresno California motorcycle accidents

This is only a small sampling to illustrate the various ways motorcycle accidents occur. Whether your own accident causes are listed below, call us immediately for a free consultation and an accurate assessment.

Failure to Signal Turns or Lane Changes

Signaling on the road is crucial when avoiding accidents. Suddenly changing lanes or unexpected turns could be fatal for a motorcyclist. This failure can occur when you travel in the same direction, opposite direction, and when you pass over multiple highway intersections where clear intent is critical to prevent accidents. The DMV suggests a three-lane road plan that can be arranged to suit your traffic position.


When drivers ignore speed limits when riding bikes or other vehicles, their speed increases their risk of a car crash AND serious injuries as a consequence. Speeding requires faster response times to avoid obstacles or unusual dangers, increases the distance required for a full stop, and puts everyone in harm's way. Speed can be a significant factor when a person's injuries are caused by a car crash.

Blind spot accidents

Motorcycles are much more tiny cars than a typical sedan and therefore prone to the possibility of a motorist not seeing motorcycles before they make a move in the lane. The motorcyclist must remain alert to the dangerous situation so that he can protect himself and anticipate another car's dangerous moves. Keep an eye out for blind spots while driving.

Drunk Driving

If a driver decides to go behind the wheel after using alcohol over a legal limit (0.08 BAC for adults) or other mind-altering drugs, they can put everyone on the road at the risk of accidents causing the damage. In 2018, 42% of people a year who were in car crashes were tested for illegal drugs.

Inexperienced drivers

Inexperienced motorists must process information they believe is second nature in their vehicles. They can miss a bike on their side rims, miss a signaling turn, or accidentally make a strange move. The increased risk of accidents means new-to-drive vehicles pay more insurance premiums.

Injuries in California motorcycle accidents

Because motorcycle riders are more prone to accidents due to their relative exposure to the elements than other drivers they could be exposed to serious injuries including:

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Loss of limbs

  • Internal injuries

  • Broken bones

  • Road rash

Call Our Fresno Personal Injury Lawyer Now

While it can be tricky to know exactly what damages you can collect for a motorcycle accident, we can discuss your personal injury claim or lawsuit and estimate its potential worth. Call the legal team at Valley Injury Attorneys offices now to secure a free initial consultation with one of our dedicated motorcycle accident attorneys at 559-970-6370.

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