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Fresno California Truck Accident Lawyer

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Our Fresno Truck Accident Lawyer Has Years of Experience Serving Victims in California

Count on our Fresno Injury Law Firm to get the compensation you deserve

Valley Injury Attorneys can help truck accident victims achieve everything they need to feel safe and cared for after being hit by a commercial vehicle. When insurance companies inevitably attempt to delay or discredit your claim, the guidance of a personal injury lawyer will give you your best chance of recovering compensation.

Work with a dedicated Fresno truck accident lawyer when you hire Valley Injury Attorneys. Your consultation is a no-obligation, risk-free commitment and it costs nothing. Our Fresno truck accident lawyers will help determine the value of your case and secure you full compensation for your medical attention, lost wages, and emotional suffering. Call 559-970-6370 for a free consultation with Valley Injury Attorneys to start seeking justice.

Who Is Responsible for My Fresno Truck Accident Injuries?

While the fault lies with the party who violated the rules of the road, in most personal injury cases, the trucking company is responsible for paying the damages. When a truck driver’s neglect of road laws and the safety of others resulted in your accident, their employment is a safety hazard, especially in the case of your injury.

A truck driver is held to a higher standard of traffic laws because of the size and weight of their vehicles. Whether it was the lack of proper license, failure to maintain their vehicle, or the truck driver’s reckless inattention during service hours, many factors can contribute to how and why they were not performing their due diligence. At Valley Injury Attorneys, we leave no stone unturned. Fresno injury lawyers can work with truck accident reconstruction experts and obtain safety and employment records to maximize compensation for your personal injury claim.

A personal injury law firm will go beyond the accident scene. Third-party cargo loaders may also be implicated if cargo is unsecured cargo, or if they overloaded or improperly loaded trailers. Weight limits are no joke. They can result in runaway trucks and affect the reaction time of drivers from speeds to turns. And in the event that hazardous material was being transported, it endangers the lives of everyone on the road. In these instances, personal injury litigation also places fault with the loading party.

In the event of your catastrophic injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one, don’t underestimate the importance of working with a California trucking accident attorney. When you hire an experienced truck accident lawyer from our law firm, you won’t be left to deal with the aftermath alone. Take advantage of our legal know-how and investigative resources. We know who and what will make your case and we know how to access the information quickly and efficiently. Call 559-970-6370 for a free consultation with a Fresno truck accident lawyer from Valley Injury Attorneys. Reclaim your life today.

Differences Between Fresno Truck Accident and Car Accident?

Dedicated Fresno Injury Attorneys

Commercial trucks are more dangerous. They are 10 times the size of standard passenger vehicles and accident victims struck by these are 10 times more likely to suffer injury or death. Between blind spots and slower brakes, sharing the road with vehicles of such mass proportions comes with a unique set of dangers.

Unlike a car accident, a Fresno truck accident qualifies for insurance claims when a passenger vehicle is struck by a commercial vehicle. A commercial truck provides a service for profit, whether it transports cargo, passengers, etc. Examples include:

  • Big rigs (including semi-trucks)

  • Box trucks

  • Dump trucks

  • Concrete trucks

  • Flatbed trucks

  • Trash trucks

  • Logging truck

Our experienced truck accident lawyers can help you identify the type of truck responsible for your collision and calculate the payout you are owed for the accident’s impact on your day-to-day. But at Valley Injury Attorneys, our accident lawyers can help you navigate all of the fallout. With years of experience in personal injury cases after Fresno truck accidents, we can direct you towards resources for car repair, a rental vehicle, and physical therapy. We go beyond satisfaction with your settlement. We care about your livelihood.

You deserve a California truck accident lawyer who can assess your case. Call 559-970-6370 for Valley Injury Attorneys to schedule a free consultation.

What Are Commercial Truck Insurance Fresno Ca Policies & Coverage?

Truck insurance in Fresno requires that in addition to protections for their commercial vehicles and the cargo that they are hauling, trucking companies must have insurance for commercial liability. When truck accidents occur, this insurance provides coverage for the injured party’s passenger vehicle, minor and severe injuries, and any emotional suffering resulting from the truck accident. An experienced truck accident lawyer can also extend commercial liability to the lost or reduced income a truck accident victim has experienced because of their serious injuries. 

Trucking risks are common. That doesn’t mean they are acceptable. Call 559-970-6370 for a free consultation with a Fresno truck accident lawyer at Valley Injury Attorneys. We will help pursue your personal injury claim to recover compensation for the loss and damages you suffer when involved in a collision with a commercial truck.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Fresno, California?

Truck accidents occur more often because stopping and turning are made more difficult by the heft of the vehicle. But a truck driver’s negligence can also contribute to a collision, as well as a trucking company’s willful ignorance of federal motor carrier regulations. Federal regulations of commercial vehicles require strict licensing, loading, maintenance, and operation procedures to protect everyone on the road.

Unfortunately, it is all too common for trucking companies to encourage behavior that increases their deliveries for a profit. For example, trucking companies are required to record drivers’ service hours to prevent drowsy driving, but they frequently demand that drivers violate the Hours of Service Regulations. A trucking company’s failure to provide the record of hours or proof of a log’s inaccuracy can aid your personal injury claim.

If a truck part is defective, it may implicate the truck manufacturer as a guilty party. For instance, if the breaks malfunction, it could be a faulty part or a result of the trucking company’s poor safety compliance. While a malfunctioning part can cause a truck accident, a trucking company still must perform their due diligence to check the functionality of their commercial vehicles. A lazy vehicle inspection or skipping safety checks altogether puts lives at risk. They may not catch safety issues before the vehicle is operating on the road. Tires, transmission, brakes, etc. can be responsible for the immediate events leading up to an accident scene, but a trucking company must do everything in their power to prevent needless personal injury cases.

Your medical bills and auto repair should not come out of your own pocket. And the worth of the companionship that your loved one provided cannot be truly compensated — but between funeral and burial expenses, and your family’s lost source of income, there are still damages you are rightfully owed. Call 559-970-6370 for a free consultation with a California truck accident lawyer at Valley Injury Attorneys.

5 Ways Truckers Can Be At Fault in an Accident

Anyone who operates a commercial motor vehicle across state lines has to meet safety standards, and a personal injury claim is warranted when a deliberate violation of these precautions caused physical, emotional, and financial damages. Here are 5 ways trucks can be at fault in an accident:

  1. Unsafe driving: Long hours can cause negligent driving, including speeding, tailgating, and failure to obey signs. But trucking companies are also subject to federal motor carrier safety regulations. Truck drivers are forbidden from engaging with any distracting devices whatsoever, including texting. They are also held to stricter limitations on alcohol consumption, including no alcohol four hours prior to a shift and absolutely zero percentage of alcohol in their bloodstream during hours of operation. A personal injury lawyer can police reports as well as secure footage from traffic and dashboard cams to account for any improper driving etiquette related to turning, lane changes, backing up, and signaling.

  2. Lazy training: Background checks and extensive training should prepare truck drivers for working conditions. A CPL requires a 10-year history record check, a medical examiner’s report, and a knowledge test to ensure a driver’s competency. Further licensing, such as a CDL, then requires having held a CPL for 14 days and an additional skills test. A complete failure to secure proper licensing can lead to a truck driver violating road laws during work hours when you sustained injuries. If trucking companies hired inexperienced truck drivers, ignored a history of impairment, or omitted background checks entirely to cut costs, your Fresno truck accident attorney can find out.

  3. Poor safety inspection: Vehicle inspection is mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations. Many trucking companies knowingly sacrifice safety standards, which can lead to faulty tires, breaks, etc. that cause the vehicle to lose control.

  4. Improper loading: This can lead to loose cargo on the roadway and affect the truck driver’s steering. The occupants of a passenger vehicle can run head-on into any spilled cargo, or swerve out of the way, causing a collision with another smaller vehicle. All can result in medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage at their expense.

  5. Long hours: It is a truck driver’s duty to remain alert, as cited by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. To respect the safety of others, Fresno truck drivers are capped at 11 hours of driving and must rest 10 hours before another shift. They are also mandated to take breaks to ensure they stay awake. It is the employer’s responsibility to prevent employees from exceeding these hours.

Accident lawyers can obtain camera footage, witness accounts, and driving schedules that validate the negligent cause of truck accidents in Fresno. At Valley Injury Attorneys, we will hold trucking companies accountable for their failure to uphold their responsibility for monitoring employee licensing and work hours, as well as truck maintenance. While you’re undergoing medical treatment, an accident attorney will also give you advice to avoid discrediting your claim, including following your doctor’s orders and refraining from social media posts. Either could undermine the severity of your injury and damage your claim.

Call 559-970-6370 for a free consultation with a Fresno truck accident attorney at our law firm.

What if I Drove the Truck That Caused the Accident?

Truck drivers not the financially liable party for damages unless they intentionally caused the collision. The trucking company will almost always pay for the collision with commercial liability insurance.

Truck driving is an exhausting occupation, but that does not excuse the truck accident that sacrificed another persons’s quality of life. A larger, heavier; 80,000-pound, fully-loaded vehicle striking a 3,000-lb often leads to fatality. Regulations are put in place to combat the demands of the job. Commercial vehicles require greater precision and care when driving, from the operation of the vehicle to reaction and response to road conditions. Whether it’s aggression or fatigue, negligence is the fault of the driver who didn’t take proper precaution before operating a commercial vehicle.

As for the operation of the vehicle, safety checks are not an option and consecutive hours are not a personal choice or one made by the employer. Hours logged are federally regulated, which means if they are violated, you intentionally endangered those on the road and your company owes the individual for their personal injury claim.

Reviewing the Law

Contact an Experienced Fresno Truck Accident Lawyer

You weren’t planning on medical care, however expensive; and any time away from work can lead to lost income, including PTO. When you’re in a wreck with an 18-wheeler, the last thing you should be dealing with is tricky insurance companies and a complicated claims process.

Call 559-970-6370 for a free consultation with a California truck accident lawyer at Valley Injury Attorneys. A Fresno truck accident attorney from our law office will help you win the compensation you’re owed after being injured in an accident with an at-fault truck driver.

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Do I need to file a police report after a Fresno truck accident?

It is California law that drivers involved in an accident resulting in death or injury report it within 24 hours. When a commercial vehicle is responsible for your pain and suffering, a police report also helps corroborate the scene of the accident with citations and witness statements. The police report will contain necessary details in the event that you were incapacitated at the scene of the accident.

To ensure your best chance of safety and recovering compensation, here is what to do after a Fresno truck accident:

  • Call 911 to report the truck accident to the police. Do not take fault or downplay your injuries.

  • Seek medical attention immediately, even if you don’t suspect that you are injured. Damage may not be readily apparent. Record of the medical visit and any treatment will support your personal injury claim.

  • Collect physical and photographic evidence of the truck accident. Do not do so at risk to yourself or others. You may have internal injuries.

  • Gather witness contact information to aid your personal injury claim. Validate the extent of damage and injury.

  • Obtain the at-fault truck driver’s license, insurance, and contact information. 

When should I accept a settlement offer for my Fresno truck accident?

After a truck accident, it’s worth the wait to seek legal counsel.

By California law, you have two years to file your lawsuit after your accident. The sooner the better. While road traffic accident victims may bear the brunt of immediate costs such as doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and emergency transportation, you may also require prescription medicine and physical therapy long after the initial date of the accident. Anxiety, depression, and PTSD also are also common (and even more likely) for the victims of trucking accidents.

The at-fault driver and their insurance company are seeking the lowest, quickest payout possible to avoid these long-term, costly payments. Settling early may seem tempting to pay off debts sooner, but you could be leaving hundreds to thousands of dollars on the table. It’s money that could ease the transition to restoring quality of life after your truck accident, including:


  • Current and future medical expenses

  • Lost wages and diminished earning capacity

  • Property damage

  • Emotional stress

An attorney gives you the most opportunity for accurate, relevant evidence to recover these damages. To calculate upcoming or even lifelong medical costs, your California trucking accident attorney can consult a medical expert. If your accident caused you to miss work, perform fewer hours, or your injuries force you to leave your field altogether, these are all unseen costs and an experienced truck accident attorney can more easily demonstrate their value. It’s well worth the investigative period.

The road to physical and financial recovery may seem long, but the devastating fallout and burden of your collision is not yours to tackle alone. Receive a free case evaluation with a Fresno truck accident attorney. Call 559-970-6370 for Valley Injury Attorneys to consult with a compassionate California truck accident lawyer. We’re experts in cases like yours and will expedite your payout. Let’s discuss your eligibility for compensation.

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